William D’Amicis

My name is Billy. I’m the guy behind these articles at Filet To Table. I’m the son of a commercial fisherman, and I’ve been one myself. I’ve been an avid outdoorsman my whole life, immersing myself in the ecology and biology of our marine and coastal life. I have been selling seafood and filleting fish professionally at a fish market and I have hosted my own farmers market stands selling clams but giving advice for free. I like to cook, and I like to teach.

Why Filet To Table?

I started Filet To Table to give seafood consumers a place to learn. Seafood is a very mysterious realm of the culinary world. Even those who have lived along the coasts seldom have an idea of what they are looking for in the fish section of the grocery store, or the counter of a fresh fish market. Growing up the son of a commerical Lobsterman and Clam fisherman, I learned the seafood industry at a young age. I saw what really went into catching those lobsters and clams. I worked as a deckhand for several years picking clams on the boat my father captained. As I grew, I learned an appreciation for the kitchen from my grandmother and mother and father. Now I’m trying to share some knowledge with others.


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